Your practitioner is trained under TrueTantra protocols and will guide you through this beautiful experience. The same methodology as part of the Tantra Kahula Initiation traditions is applied during this process. M2M Multiorgasmia welcomes you and is looking forward to offering you a respectful and holistic experience out of Tantra, Shamanism, and Multiorgasmia for men.

M2M Objective
'Re-discover and connect with your divine masculine and creative energy'

The main goal of Men2Men is to facilitate your learning in a safe, sacred, and joyful environment. This learning concerns your body, your sacred energy, and all about Tantra has to offer to you.

What can I expect from a Tantra or Multi-Orgasmia session?
- Relaxation
- Tantric breathing

- Tantric and Shamanic rituals
- Activation of sexual meridians
- Kundalini Lingam / Prostatic Massage
- Multi-orgasmia

How can I achieve Male Multi-Orgasmia?
With millennial practices like Tantra, the male orgasm is not necessarily linked to ejaculation, since reaching it would not be the goal, but the natural state where you can feel PLEASURE with the whole body, whether it be minutes, hours or a whole day. As you see, you may have multiple orgasms, but that will depend on how you feel or control that feeling of physical pleasure, whether it comes before or after the non-return.

Now you as a man must learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation, as they are totally different, where they must work it, since most men do not know these sensations and are premature ejaculators. At the beginning of the sexual act, the Multi-Orgasmic Man is the one who has the ability to concentrate between his genitals, between giving pleasure, between receiving pleasure and having the possibility of enjoying an orgasm without ejaculating.

When doing the separation of this type of sensation you can have from 1 to 7 orgasms without ejaculating, you must make mind and concentration of your pubococcygeal muscle, which lies between the perineum and the prostate. This flat education is achieved by doing Taoism, where the man is educated not to ejaculate, so that they can have a full sex life and enjoy it by contracting their ejaculation.

M2M Multiorgasmia welcomes you. We are looking forward to offering you the tools and showing you the way on how to leave a happier life and how to become a Multi-Orgasmic Man.

Kind regards,

Luis M.

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